About Sonoma Land for Blu Homes

Blu homes take advantage of contemporary architecture, sustainable materials, top notch engineering, and factory-grade manufacturing standards to create beautiful and environmentally sound houses. Sonoma County has many Blu homes already and more are on the way. Our goal with this site is to explain and facilitate the process of finding and developing a Blu home project of your own in Sonoma County.  Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Land search
  • Water
  • Septic
  • Power
  • Access
  • PRMD (home of zoning and building permits)

Sonoma land prices come with sticker shock for some buyers.  This site will explain the different components that create value for vacant parcels. We will evaluate land pricing in the context of already built structures and development patterns. Whether you choose to move forward with a Blu home project in Sonoma County or do something different, the information presented here should help you understand the process of buying and developing land for your home.

There is a second category of Blu home project which includes tearing down an existing structure.  Some of these properties will fit Blu home buyers who want a more urban setting. Other buyers will find a rural environment with failing or obsolete dwellings a more interesting prospect for their dream home.  We will cover the pros and cons of a tear-down versus building on a raw site.

Every part of the country has different guidelines, pricing patterns, building codes, and ways of doing things. This site is specific to Sonoma County, but applies to much of northern California. Feel free to ask for referrals to real estate specialists in other areas who can help with your Blu home project.

Happy Building!